Welcome to CIS 1880: DevOps at the University of Pennsylvania!

Course Description

DevOps is the breaking down of the wall between Developers and Operations to allow more frequent and reliable feature deployments. Through a variety of automation-focused techniques, DevOps has the power to radically improve and streamline processes that in the past were manual and susceptible to human error.

In this course we will take a practical, hands-on look at DevOps and dive into some of the main tools of DevOps: automated testing, containerization, reproducibility, continuous integration, and continuous deployment. Throughout the semester we build toward an end-to-end pipeline that takes a webserver, packages it, and then deploys it to the cloud in a reliable and quickly-reproducible manner utilizing industry-leading technologies like Kubernetes and Docker. Evaluation is based on homework assignments and a final group project.

Enrolling in CIS 1880

Any student that wants to enroll in CIS 1880 must have already completed CIS 1200.

This course will use the CIS Waitlist with a few screening questions to determine eligibility. In order to be considered for CIS 1880, you will need to request permission for the recitation section (201) in Path@Penn (screen recording on how to do that), and then you will be added to the waitlist for the course.